Peter's Puzzle and Polyform Pages

1. Constructions with Polyforms

Modified Pentominoes
Edge-Colored Polygons
Front and Back Colored Polyforms
Solid Colored Tetrominoes
Solid Heptominoes
Stacked Squares and Rectangles
Stacked Hexagons
Clipped and Extended Polycubes
Tangled Polygons
Drilled Polycubes
Colored Cubes
Stacked Polytans
Rounded Polyominoes
Notched Polyominoes
Hexagonal Polysticks
Rounded Polyhexes
Face Matching Polycubes
Square Colored Polyominoes
Edge-Colored Polyiamonds
Joined Truncated Octahedrons
Bridged Polyiamonds
Bridged Polyspheres
Bridged Polytans
Solid 4.5-ominoes
Matching Multisets
Paneled Polycubes
Matching Triangles on Solids
Rhombs on Polyrhons
Colored Polyhexes
Covered Catalan Solids
Colored Octagons
Polyominoes with Bridges
N Squares + One Tan
Striped Polyhexagons
Matching Polygons on
Archimedean Solids

Far Bridged Polyhexagons

Polyhexagons in a
3-Colored Grid

Big Tan plus Squares
Sets of Colored Polyominoes
Sets of Deltahedrons
Covered with Matching Triangles

2.Puzzle Gallery

Puzzles with 100+ Pieces

3. Online Puzzles

The Castle
Cube Puzzle
7x7 Hexomino Puzzle
Hexomino Hollow Cube
Color Matching Triangles

4. Solvers

Polyomino Solver Polycube Solver
Polyiamond Solver Polyhex Solver